This means that perfect, burr-free products, with high demands on visual and haptic design, polished and structured, surfaces are our “daily business”. Pacifiers, bottle teats, cutlery, and toys of all shapes and colours are just examples of the endless possibilities of using silicone for a happy start in life.

Successful customer projects

In Brazil, Mexico, the United States of America, Europe, China, and all the way to Indonesia, our cold runner systems run LSR and HTV moulds to ensure well-known brands produce appealing babycare products with reliable quality.

Finger brush

An innovative product for massaging the gums during teething.
Fully automated production of design-sensitive products using the example of a finger brush.
Filling and demoulding of the finest geometries with reliable venting at the end of the flow path, without using vacuum technology.

Aufnahme Babycare_Ortodentischer Beruhigen

Orthodontic soother

Soothers with process-safe, free-falling demoulding. This makes such a project possible without elaborate removal technology. In this product group we make extreme undercuts in the mould to achieve the desired product geometries. Soothers in all design variations: in cherry, olive or orthodontic design.

Aufnahme RTU Beruhiger

Ready to use (RTU) soothers

This is a solid silicone soother without a thermoplastic shield. This brings significant advantages in the disinfection of the product due to the thermal stability of the silicone.

The mould is demoulded by moving mould plates and cores to demould a ready-to-use liquid silicone soother, free-falling, without a robot.

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Bottle teats

In the area of bottle teats, we have produced all variants: From the standard flange to the wide-neck teat with exchangeable milk hole needles, production indicators and anti-colic ventilations to meet customer specifications. Even the integration of the desired customer logo is also created by our design team.


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