LSR turnkey system with short delivery times – Arburg Allrounder 470S

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LSR turnkey systems

We understand LSR and are fast!

We offer the conceptual design of an LSR plant and supply the complete plant as a general contractor at the same time!

  • One-Stop-Shopping: We offer our customers the wide range of components for LSR processing, with full scope and coverage.
  • Beyond the machine technology: Starting with consulting, project handling and successful production start-up up to complete after-sales support.
  • Manufacturer-Independent: We work closely and neutrally with all well-known manufacturers/OEM and can therefore offer complete systems (TurnKey) including injection molding machines, metering and mixing systems, cooling systems, individually tailored to the customer. This results in a very wide range of possibilities for the customer.

Today’s long delivery times can be compensated by our own machine equipment.

Our pilot plants are on the highest technological level, have very short running times and can be acquired in the mold project.

This enables us to achieve short project runtimes.

You are interested in a LSR turnkey system?

Please feel free to contact us.

EMDE injection mould & cold runner system

  • Base mould set-up for exchangeable cavities
  • flexible in use for various projects
  • free ejection or controlled demoulding (EOAT)
  • 4/8 – 32/64 cavity valve gated cold runner systems
  • Rheological balanced or needle stroke control
  • Direct gating or film gating
EMDE Spritzgießwerkzeug und Kaltkanalsystem

Injection moulding machine

  • Arburg Allrounder 470 S 1100-290
  • Multilift Select 6kg
  • optimal shot volume approx. 14 ccm – 110 ccm
Arburg Allrounder 470s Spritzgießmaschine für LSR Turnkey

Metering and mixing system

  • KRACHT E-Flow
  • 20/20 l u. 200/200 l
  • Color-line
Kracht E-Flow Dosier- und Mischanlage für LSR Turnkey

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