Prototype parts made of LSR: from order to components in just a few weeks

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Prototype parts of the individual components are becoming an increasingly important basis for the initial functional testing of complex assemblies. The components to be tested must be manufactured from the original material and ideally in a near-series process to achieve meaningful results. This is the only way that findings from assembly and function testing can also flow directly into component optimization. The design of the future series process is also based on these results.

All this while also taking costs and time into account. Especially in the development phase, time is one of the most important criteria and results must be available as quickly as possible.

The solution

The production of a complete LSR injection mould, including the cold runner system, is time-consuming and relatively cost-intensive. In order to be able to react quickly to customer requirements for prototype parts, we at MouldTec have our own master mould including a cold runner valve gate nozzle just for prototype parts. This means that only the customized mould inserts have to be produced. The injection moulding process itself is reproduced on a standard injection moulding machine in our technical centre using the standard LSR material.

This makes it possible to deliver prototype parts to the customer for testing after just a few weeks and at significantly reduced costs.

The implementation

In a current customer project, FOT parts of a sealing ring were produced within 3 weeks from the customer order. The parts were made with the original material including the colour. After annealing, internal measurement and optical evaluation of the components, 1000 parts were then created, which were used directly at the customer for testing and validation. The experience and results gained are then directly incorporated into the design of a series mould. The process parameters determined can also be used directly for the subsequent series process at our customer. This significantly minimizes many risks.

Your task

We are also happy to evaluate your task and components and discuss the possible implementation with you. Put us to the test.