Consumer Products

Silicone is indispensable in the field of consumer products:
Baking forms, brushes, food containers, children’s toys, hygiene articles, and many other household items are made of silicone. Its advantages lie in its attractive haptic impression and flexible shaping in combination with food and skin compatibility. This makes silicone an indispensable material.
Essential for the requirements mentioned above are process-reliable demoulding of undercut geometries, sprueless production without waste material and the possibility of geometries that are difficult to fill due to the thinnest walls.

Successful customer projects

The following products come from a wide variety of industries. Here you will find all the obvious products for domestic use, but also indirectly visible, built-in silicone parts for the benefit of the customer. In a variety of shapes and colours. High technology at the service of people, a hidden player.

Shower head insert

Inserts in shower heads enable an ideal jet pattern as well as a perfect cleaning of limescale deposits.
The challenge in this project lay in the difficult-to-fill geometries with the thinnest walls and tight tolerances in assembly.

Baking moulds

The use of baking moulds made of silicone makes it easy to remove the baked goods from the mould and easy to clean the mould itself. There is no need to prepare (grease) the mould.
Made from the purest LSR materials, the products are almost indestructible – a clear advantage for the consumer.
The challenges with this mould included the size of the component, the thin wall thicknesses without visible junctions, and the difficult demoulding.

Aufnahme Menstruationstasse

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups and similar hygiene products are manufactured to the highest quality standards worldwide. Highly transparent surfaces, soft-touch structures and an almost grade-free finish must be provided. Process-safe demoulding of undercut geometries, sprue-free production and free-falling components are the requirements that the mould technology has to meet.

Aufnahme Topflappen

Everyday & lifestyle products

Everyday products must be able to be mass-produced economically. Master mould concepts with interchangeable contour sets guarantee profitability from small series upwards.
The pot holder product required a high simulation effort in advance to achieve perfect filling of the cavity.


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