LSR injection mould 1C + 2C

We know LSR moulds and use our know-how for our customers, following our guiding principle: “First Time Right”.
Standardized mould systems with exchangeable cavities or customized high-performance moulds for processing liquid and solid silicones are our core competences. We design 1 comp or 2 comp injection moulds with one or more cavities. No matter whether your product has extremely thin walls, high optical, haptic or technical demands: the starting point for building the mould is your product and that is our focus. The properties of silicone necessitate a high degree of experience in the conceptual design and unconditional precision in producing the mould.

Silicone moulds

From prototypes to high-cavity series injection moulds, we offer a wide range of mould systems: From simple open/close moulds to complex core bar or slide moulds. With manual demoulding, EOAT robot or fully automatic demoulding. Our basic claim is to implement the required component quality and the best possible performance in terms of productivity. The mature components that have been tested over many years can be found in standardised mould concepts and customized special solutions.

Standardized LSR Mould

4/8/16/32/64-drop Design

We supply modular, standardised superstructures from a size of 246 × 346 mm up to a 450 × 596 mm (cavity plate dimensions). The mould concepts provide for easy interchangeability of the cavity sets for cost-optimized implementation of several product articles. The modular design allows the implementation of all common demoulding strategies such as ejector systems, moving strippers and centre plates, but also interfaces to gripper systems.

2C + Component moulds

2 + 2-cavity design, with repositioning of the components

A 2C system can contain several combinations: thermoplastic-silicone, metal-silicone or even silicone-silicone. However, several components can also be integrated in any combination in a multi-stage process. The following example describes a product from a multi-component mould: The product consists of an upper and a lower shell as well as an insert product. First, a “lower shell” of white-coloured, FDA-approved silicone is injected. In addition, there is a mould for creating conductive silicone pads from HTV silicone. The lower shell, silicone pads, a circuit board with USB connector and conductor tracks are now assembled manually. In the final step, all the assembled components are placed in the “upper shell” mould shown and encased in the white silicone used for the bottom shell.

RTU – Full Silicone Pacifier Mould

4-drop Design

The premier class in the Babycare sector. Inject once and you get a free-falling, ready-to-sell product of the highest quality. Only very few companies dare to reach this level in LSR mould making. In general, attempts are made with silicone moulds to avoid any additional movement and surface separation in the mould. This is not feasible for achieving an RTU (ready to use) product. Moving core bars, slides and pneumatically moved mould plates are implemented in the
mould to enable production of free-falling components without the use of 3-axis robots.

Fully automatic seal moulds

16-drop Design

LSR moulds for industrial seals are required by the market in all conceivable variations. From the classic O-ring to axially sealing elements and special solutions with combined functionalities on the component. The variety of mould technology solutions is correspondingly large – from free-falling parts jogged out by the centre plate or demoulded by mushroom ejectors, to undercut seals that have to be removed from the LSR mould by special intelligent mould technology or even by using robots. We have all of these solutions in our portfolio. We tailor the perfect solution to your requirements.

Aufnahme LSR Spritzgiesswerkzeux

Finger brush for massaging baby’s gums

2-drop Design

Extremely thin wall thicknesses with high visual and haptic demands culminate in the process-safe filling of the finest “brush hairs”. Highly polished surfaces combined with structured surface areas round off the high-quality appearance of the product. Naturally implemented as fully automatic production of free-falling parts.


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